InNickole and Jessica. on the road 2013, our first summer together, we packed up the car. We rode out an electrical storm in Palo Duro, TX; learned just what a good sunhat and a white shirt can do for a girl in Santa Fe; and discovered why it might be a good idea to bundle yourself up before the fog burns off mornings in Big Sur. By August, we’d reached the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and got engaged. By October, we’d slipped off our shoes in the green grass of Santa Barbara to get married.

We’ve only been married a little over a year, but we’ve hit the road again now—this time with a real purpose. This May, we both had books published—Jessica’s first, Pelvis With Distance, with White Pine Press, and Nickole’s second book, Fanny Says, with BOA Editions. So this time we’re going on tour, reading from our new books everywhere from universities to dive bars. In addition, we’re looking to throw down our bags and settle into a new home together, so all of this traveling has a second purpose: the search for where we’ll next call home—hopefully for decades, hopefully for good.

Summer 2015: in the car, day one

That said, here is our blog. For our friends and loved ones, we hope this will be a good way for you to track us, sans getting microchipped like wandering dogs. For our readers, consider this an old-fashioned travelogue. We’ll let you know where we are and what we’re up to, perhaps what books we’re reading, where we’re reading our own poems, and what might be worth noting along the way.

***For some background on the blog’s title***


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